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Playing Poker While Avoid Gambling!

Out of all the poker players. 85% of people play poker just for fun and 90% of all players consider it to be gambling. I play both online poker and live poker for thrill and money. But, I don’t consider it gambling.

A reason why I play is that I love putting different players into new situations. Learn the master of reading other players, the thrill and gaining experience and strategy situs slot online.

I see many players throwing hands all-in and winding up their cards. We call these coin flips. Ace King or vise-versa against a small pair of throws. If you know the edge for play poker you can do this. The better hand for you to wait. What else is playing the point? Someone can move all-in-your-blind and if you have a medium pair and figure they have two over-the-cards, you should always fold them but they are slightly above 50%. The blinds are small and if you are a good player you should never settle for a 50/50 gamble. If you have a big hand you want to get as many chips as you can out of your opponent but the ideal way to win is to take the pots down uncontested and racing down. Even when you have a pair of over-the-top cards and know you are slightly above the 50% favorite, the blinds are small enough that you should always fold and tell yourself, “I am not a gambler.” You just take the note that your opponent is the best chance of recklessness and wait for a huge favorite in hand and easily crushing your opponent.

All in all, if you are an experienced player you can find dominant situations and hands on gambling. Many players do as you can, with gambling on the edge of the dominant situations and the poker playing. You can’t stoop down to the level of bad players and accept these gambling situations. You should never accept a coin-flip unless you are forced by the math of your chips or the player covered by the chip stacks many times over. If you are a good math with these edges, then you are sure to dominate your poker strategy.

Mixing up your play at the table

It’s important to mix up your poker table. You should never be playing the same style hand after hand. If you become too predictable, your opponents can easily read you and what type of hand you hold in most situations. This is why you should change your play and keep your opponents guessing. If you play aggressive hand after hand, your opponents can easily bust you out knowing that more times than not, you are holding a weak hand and just trying to take anything. If you play too tight and too often, your opponents will know that you only have a hand when you are betting. They will then be able to read your hand and bully you, the most pots out of betting you.

If you change your play and keep your opponents guessing, you can dictate the action and control the hands. Keeping your opponents guessing or confused is so important to success at the poker table. Never do anything stupid just switch it up. You must find the perfect balance. No matter what your style is in poker, if you stick to the same style too often, you will be a weak player and most good players will pick apart what type of hand you have. If you mix it up often, you keep them guessing and the table is yours. The best poker players in the world put pressure on their opponents and their chips for making difficult decisions. Learn to mix up your play and you will see the results of a master poker strategy.

Label the players at your table and read opponents

When playing a poker table you should be able to label some time after each player. What I mean is label them by the way they play. From super-aggressive to super-tight players and everything in between. By watching hands and what the players have at the end and going back and thinking how they played each hand, you can not too long after each player. This is the only basis on which you can make the moves, but the information you can pick up can be as useful as making the critical poker decisions later in the day. This poker strategy is vital if you want to have as much of an edge as possible in your poker strategy.

When you have players labeled at your table you can start trying to make poker reads on your opponents. If a guy has been raised almost every hand, you know he is over-aggressive and a solid hand that you should hold onto more than once and you see him making a play. Like I said earlier, don’t get too caught up in this. This is a critical poker decision, but you do not want to use it

Pro And Cons Of Online Gambling

If you are a gambling freak and cannot travel to Las Vegas, then you should be seriously thinking of gambling in online casinos. Online casinos not only provide the peace of mind and the relaxed atmosphere that is lacking in a real one, but also the convenience of gambling while sitting in your computer room. Imagine playing at a noisy local casino unable to focus on your next move. Online casinos give you the opportunity to choose the environment and the ambience you want to have while playing.

Surprisingly online Casinos offer some interesting advantages over real casinos. Playing online is much simpler than playing in a real one especially for a newbie. You can take hours before playing your next hand, which is not possible in a real casino where your opponents would get irritated and impatient by the time you take before playing or by the question you keep asking regarding the rules agen slot game.

For a beginner sitting at a real poker table can be quite intimidating. They surely will feel like they are at the wrong place especially with experienced campaigners sitting around them. But the online poker gives anonymity to the gambler which encapsulates the beginners’ anxiety. Before playing a game they have an option to watch and learn from an on going game. Also online casinos provide beginners’ with tutorials and practice games, which are useful for learning the game. Some sites have these helpers for beginner in the form of buttons labeled for different actions. They also include some on-screen popups which help in making suitable actions.

Like explained before in the article online casino allows you to choose the environment suitable to you, unlike certain land based casinos where smoking is prohibited and so is talking on cell phones. You could do all these things while playing online. Also one doesn’t have to worry about their dress code or opponents while playing online. Incase you don’t understand English you don’t have to worry because online casinos are multilingual and hence you can play in which ever language you are comfortable with. Also there is no fear of getting robbed while walking through large and dark parking lots, while playing online. Online casinos accept payments through Credit cards, Debit cards, PayPal and NETeller, etc. which are much lenient than the ones in real casino.

Even though there are many advantages of playing in an online casino, there are some intriguing disadvantages too in gambling from you personal computer. First of all would be the possibility of not receiving the winning amount. Although safeguards are in place for this to not happen it is still a possibility. Secondly downloading software’s from unknown casino sites might result in downloading actually viruses and trojans. This would eventually hurt your computer as well as your bank account. Finally, the convenience of accessing and the anonymity one gets while gambling online can prove to be extremely disastrous for those who are addicted to gambling.

Thomas B is the author of this article on Online Casino.